Appalachian Ski Mtn would like to thank all employees, guests and friends for a great 2021-22 season! Improvements have already begun for the 2022-23 season, scheduled to begin Friday, November 18.

The Annual Winter Meltdown Games always wrap up our season with a bang, full results are below.

Our 25th Annual Preseason Sale & SWAP is scheduled for Oct. 14-23

We hope you all have a great Summer!

Meltdown Games Results 2022

Cardboard Box Derby Results

Fastest Finish – Brian Hoeh “Hey” & Savannah – “Pink Coffin”

Best Design – Vivian Hans – “Vivi’s Cruiser

Impossible Rail Contest Results

Best Grind Ski – Sam Campbell
12 & Under Snowboard – Henry Cuthbert
13 & Over Snowboard – Kaden Rusinko

Rail Jam Results

Standout Ski – Cooper Burchell
Standout Snowboard – Branson Winkler
Standout Grom – Ansel Westermann
Standout Woman – Bailey Barnes
Best Bail – Des Mari
Charger Award – Ben Crawford

Trash Bag Downhill Winners

12 and Under – Nature David

13 and Over – Jensen Moretz

High Ollie Results

12 and Under

3rd Place – Henry Freireich
2nd Place – Evan Burr
1st Place – Nature David

13 and Over

3rd Place – Carl Stuebe
2nd Place – Brian Hoeh
1st Place – Graham W

Pond Skim Results
Best Skim Ski – Eli Bailey
Best Skim Snowboard – Laurel Roberts
Best Splash – Thomas Senn

Costume Contest
Best Costume – Rowe & Dare Stanley – “Karate Kids”

Chinese Downhill Results

12 and Under Fastest Finish – Henry Freireich

13 and Over Fastest Finish – Nathan Weaver