Yes, if you have rented shape skis, just come up to the ski counter with your rental agreement/release form. If you have rented a standard set of skis, there will be a $2 upgrade charge at the ticket/rental cashier.

A skiboard is a 94 cm “fat” ski that is wider than traditional skis. Skiboards are twin tip skis which allow for a greater degree of maneuverability than that offered by traditional alpine skis, and also allow the user to perform small radius turns with greater ease. Appalachian’s skiboards have releasable bindings that are used with regular ski boots. Not suggested for entry-level skiers.

Generally once a child is able to walk or run, they have the leg strength to ski. The French Swiss Ski College has taught children as young as 18 months.

Child’s (or toddler’s) size 5

Men’s size 17


A proper ski boot fit is essential to a fun skiing experience. Be sure to wear only one pair of socks; preferably that extend above the ski boot. Thin wool or polyester socks will keep your feet drier than cotton socks. Your boot should be very snug but should not cut off your circulation. If your boot feels uncomfortable, you may return at any time to exchange your boots for a larger or smaller size.

Yes. Visit one of Appalachian’s ticket cashier windows before the current session ends. A small upgrade fee will apply.

Yes. Full size ski lockers hold up to 4 sets of equipment and cost $5 per day. Appalachian Ski Mtn. rental equipment is not permitted to be taken off the premise

Coin operated lockup units are available outside, or full size lockers may be rented at the ticket cashier.

Goggles, helmets, jackets, bibs and gloves are available for rent in the Appalachian Gift Shop.

If you’re renting our equipment you are free to experiment with different sizes to see what length you enjoy best. Any problems with our equipment (though seldom) can be resolved quickly with minimum time lost on the snow. Appalachian’s rental shop is a ten second walk to the slopes.


All equipment is returned to the same counter that it was issued from. Poles are self-service outside in bins according to your height. Please place poles back into bins tips first with handles to the outside. Please return boots buckled. Skis should be returned to the counter where they were issued. Helmets need to be returned to the same location from which they were rented.

The French Swiss Ski College encourages children to first learn the fundamentals of their feet and lower body before introducing poles to their skiing technique.

Each renter will need to know their height, weight, age, shoe size and head size.

It is recommended (by us and the French Swiss Ski College) that you check the shaped ski rental box if you’re just starting and learning to ski. The shaped skis turn easier, have a friendlier flex, and are much easier to learn to ski on. If you are an advanced skier looking for a more aggressive, stiffer flex, wider, twin tipped all mountain ski, check the twin tip ski box. This upgrade will get you on a higher performing advanced ski. We also offer ski boards, a shorter, lighter, slightly slower, quicker turning ski.

Twin tip performance skis are available as an upgrade in the rental department. Other high performance skis may be rented through the Alpine Ski Shop on the lower level of the lodge.

Twin tip skis have a curved-up tip and tail, are snappy and noticeably wider than any other rental skis. Designed for more control and stability on terrain park features. Good for all mountain skiing, as well as better flotation in heavy snow and powder.

Multi-day renters may rent a full size ski locker at the ticket cashier for $5 a day (holds 4 sets of equipment), or turn in the equipment and show their rental form to have it reissued the next day. Note: If you keep your equipment in your lockers you will bypass any equipment lines the remainder of your trip.


Yes, there is a $12 fee to switch equipment types. The Guest Services window can assist with this equipment switch.

The Burton Progression boot is available for half of the Burton LTR rental rate. A 50% deposit also applies.

Child’s 11 – Men’s 15.

90cm – 165cm wide

The ONLY rental snowboards allowed on our park features are the Burton park performance boards with new V-Rocker technology, (the Burton Blunt for men, the Burton Social for women, and the Burton Custom Grom for children). All other rental boards are NOT allowed on terrain park features. Guests will be responsible for damage to any rental snowboard equipment. A $5 annual park pass is required for the Appal Jam and Appaljack Terrain Parks. The AppalTop progression park does not require a park pass.

Burton’s Learn to Ride (LTR) snowboards are specifically designed to improve your learning experience. These boards have special angles on the edges to help keep from “catching an edge.” They also have convex bases to allow easy transfer of edges for smooth turning. Also, on these boards from Burton, the flex pattern is very forgiving, designed especially for the beginning snowboarder. These boards are the easiest, most forgiving boards, specifically designed to Learn To Ride.

  1. Wipe off snow before bringing board inside
  2. Tuck laces in boots
  3. With strap-in bindings, reattach straps to each other
  4. Turn in boots and board at same time

We offer 3 levels of snowboard rentals:

  1. Basic Step-In binding & board (Atomic, Rossi, Head and K2)
  2. Burton LTR board with strap-in bindings and progression boots
  3. Burton Park Performance boards (the Burton Blunt for men, the Burton Social for women, and the Burton Custom Grom for children) with strap-in progression bindings and progression boots