ASM would like to thank all our guests, staff, friends and family for another great ski season! We are looking forward to 2023-24, with new projects already in the works.

Some mid March snowmaking made conditions great up until our last day on the snow.

Our annual Winter Meltdown Games wrapped up the season on a high note, full event results are posted below. Congratulations to all winners and participants, and special thanks to the Alpine Ski Shop and all event sponsors for making the games possible.

The Alpine Ski Shop’s 26th Annual Preseason Sale & SWAP is scheduled for October 13-22 2023.

2023 Meltdown Games Results:

Mini Golf Rail Contest:
Beginner Snowboard Winner: Stephen Brinkley
Advanced Snowboard Winner: RJ Bielski
Womens Snowboard Winner: Everly Brinkley
Beginner Ski Winner: Aiden White
Advanced Ski Winner: Ben Struckmeyer

Cardboard Box Derby:
Best Box Design: The Payseur’s – “Mario Kart”
Fastest Finish: Silas Cowles – “Appal Saucer”

High Ollie:
12 and Under 1st: Stephen Brinkley
12 and Under 2nd: Jake Holder
12 and Under 3rd: Everly Brinkley

13 and Over 1st: RJ Bielski
13 and Over 2nd: Branson Winkler
13 and Over 2nd (tie): Calvin Williamson

St Pats Rail Jam:
Feature 1

Standout Ski: Ansel Westermann
Standout Snowboard: Nick Mcausky
Feature 2
Standout Ski: Jack Goss
Standout Snowboard: Nature David
Feature 3
Standout Ski: Ivan Tzotschew
Standout Snowboard: Branson Winkler
Feature 4
Standout Ski: Sam Campbell
Standout Snowboard: Noah Chew

Charger Award: Zack Kowaczyk

Pond Skim and Costume Contest:
Best Splash: Sam Hinze
Best Finish Ski: Sam Campbell
Best Finish Snowboard: Brandon Holshouser
Best Finish Women: Tessa B.
Best Costume: Terry Spalding

Trash Bag Downhill:
12 and Under Fastest Finish: Alder Murray
13 and Over Fastest Finish: Jacob Cunningham

Chinese Downhill
12 and Under Fastest Finish: Carson Moser
13 and Over Fastest Finish: Will Struckmeyer